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Alison & William

Our Story   

Rewind 5 years and 2 plus months ago….


On the mystical island of New York City, one girl [Alison] and one boy [Will] were working at an advertising agency.


Alison and Will were assigned to the same agency team.  At the morning status meeting, Will got up the courage compliment Alison “I like your pink shirt.” She did not think much of it so just said “thanks” to be nice and then proceeded to ignore him.


Fast forward…. a week later. Alison had a work request which she needed Will for. Will could not hide his southern accent during their first conversation which led into them finding out all that the two had in common. Both were from North Carolina, moved north in 2010, are Tar Heels Fans, love BBQ and Bojangles.


Afterward, the two continued to talk each day at work  The following week Will was leaving the company and he decided it was time to see where this would go.  


On their first date Will took Alison to a number of different restaurants and bars in lower Manhattan.  After over a 9 hour date the two realized there was something special.


Fast Forward 5 years and 2 plus months later….